Custom Developed Games

Scuderia Ferrari Custom game

We develop custom tailored games for your brand or event.

Provide us with your ideas and we will create a game or simulation based on your event requirements, and refine it till you are fully satisfied with the result.
Our custom developed games can be enjoyed on a specific VR device or developed for a wide range of VR platforms.

All our software is refined and tested to perfection. We will guarantee that our games meet and exceed your expectations and are delivered on time for your event.

Games developed by GameIN :

  • Cheetos Chips Challenge

Cheetos Chips Challenge. Developed by GameIN for Cheetos/Doritos is a VR one minute challenge to collect and sort as many chips as possible. This Game was deployed in 5 Carrefour locations around the UAE and for a period of ten days participants could take the Virtual Reality Challenge for a chance to win a VR headset.

  • Scuderia Ferrari VR Racing Game

Scuderia Ferrari VR racing. Developed by GameIN for Ferrari brings the customers as close as possible to experiencing the brand’s cars as well as their clothing line and watch collection. This Game we deployed along with VR equipment in Scuderia Ferrari’s mall booths all over the U.A.E. providing mall patrons an interaction with the brand on a level that they have never experienced before.

  • Lacoste VR Tennis Game

Lacoste VR Tennis Game. Developed by GameIN for Lacoste