Expo 2020 VR

Expo 2020 VR

Expo 2020 is just around the corner and will be a milestone that showcases what UAE has achieved over the past 2 decades to the world. The World Expo will attract over 25 million visitors over the six month period where it will be hosted and will be Dubai’s way of telling the world that ‘we have arrived’ on the global stage.

Many companies and organizations are looking at the newest technologies to present their products and services,and deliver their message to engage the Expo’s visitors with their brands. Virtual Reality will definitely be one of the best tools to immerse visitors with these brands. For Expo 2020, Virtual Reality will be a crucial tool to many of the presenters.

With all of Dubai’s and world’s companies fighting for attention, Virtual Reality will be the only tool where the audience will take a minute to step-out of the Expo’s hustle and bustle and step-in to the brand’s offerings, fully-immersed in a realistic 3D setting where the world outside is muted.

Expo 2020 Virtual Reality will be very important for providing immersive games and simulations for various industries including entertainment, retail, education, real estate, automotive and many others.

VR entertainment will include cinematic experiences, interactive games and simulations, what’s new for VR technology in 2020 is the ability to connect a number of devices into the same movie or game. This multiplayer functionality gives the users the ability to watch the same 360° movie at the same time, or interact with the same experience all at once.

This will give the users the feeling of being together even when wearing VR headsets. For the cinematic experiences, the fact that all the people that watched the same movie did it at the same time, and didn’t have to wait their turn to put on the headset to watch the movie, allows people for the first time to interact with VR, finish up their interaction and then discuss, review or rave about the experience that they just witnessed.

Multiplayer VR games and simulations take this concept a step further. As the people interacting with the game or simulation will also be able to interact with the same environment at the same time either collaborating to achieve a goal, or competing against each other. This new format of fully immersive, collaborative environment can only be achieved with the newest of VR technology and will be amazing in providing interactive entertainment to attendees of the World Expo.

In addition, multiplayer / multi user VR is great for spectators. The simulation 3D environment can be cast on displays or projectors so that people passing by the area where the event is hosted will be able to spectate the action.

This combination of multiplayers and spectators enjoying a VR game truly brings VR into a new category which one can appropriately call VR sports. Similar to Esports, but it is not limited to game consoles or gaming PC the interaction is done in the VR world. Which means that the players, though still in a game will have to move their bodies and perform quick paced moves and gestures to win in such an environment. So physical ability, stamina and fitness will all play a role on who performs best in such a match.

For the retail industry, VR and AR technologies are also bringing new experiences in 2020, allowing users to interact with products, services and brands like never before. As VR/AR experiences become more realistic and online shopping is ever so prevalent, these tools are merging to allow users to view new products in a 3D environment and interact with product features, then ordering online.

Retailers attending Expo 2020 might not have the physical space to display all their products or services, but will require people to interact with their products to be able to sell. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow you as a retailer to virtually display all of your products in all possible variations of size colors and specifications while optimally using your retail space for best sellers and halo products.

In addition, these technologies can be used to increase brand recognition and doesn’t have to be limited to showcasing products.

At GameIN, we have provided many retail companies fun games that are branded for retailers to give shoppers a quick interaction with their brand in a joyful short format. The people playing this game will get back to their friends to tell them about the amazing VR game they played today that’s attached to that retailer’s brand. This gives word-of-mouth branding for people who will be willing to go and try out the game and after have a strong positive association with the retailers brand and products.

Companies and organisations can also use Virtual Reality to train their employees and workers for the Dubai 2020 World Expo. At GameIN, we create simulations specifically designed for complex scenarios. You can provide your company’s employees a chance to train as many times as they require to fully understand the task at hand. Also, VR training can be used for customer relations to allow the employees interacting with customers to memorize scripts for various situations and even score them on body language.

For the Expo, employees can also be trained using VR on floor maps and shortest routes to follow for couriers and delivery. As the venue is not fully accessible at the moment and will be large and quite packed. Simulations can be created where a courier has to deliver items to a specified location at the Expo. Providing a 3D map for training is definitely the most effective way to train delivery staff.

The real estate industry will also greatly benefit from VR by allowing the Expo’s attendees to view virtual tours of their properties, street views and project plans. This is the closest thing a real estate developer can do to an open house.

The interactivity of a virtual tour will not only show the user the property in all its detail, but it will also allow them to view the amenities and understand the complete project through a 3D tour of the environment. For Expo 2020, VR is an essential tool for real estate developers and at GameIN, we can help the developer reach the most amount of buyers.

For the automotive and transportation industries, racing games or driving simulations are a great tool to either engage attendees with your brand or provide training for drivers for the expo’s environment.

Racing games can be a created to engage with the an automotive brand’s heritage giving drivers a thrill close to matching racing the real vehicle. Luxury car manufacturers can take a different approach by providing a detailed 3D, interactive model of their car with working features in VR, that allows high end buyers to experience the craftsman ship of the cars, its features and build materials. With the infinite possibilities of customizing luxury vehicles, VR is perfect for allowing the perspective buyers to customize the vehicle to the finest detail and then experience driving it or being driven around in it.

In summary, Virtual Reality technology will be a pivotal tool for any company looking to stand out no matter the industry. The technology can be used in various ways to either allow for interaction with your brand like never before or allow you to train your employees in a completely immersive environment. Companies and organizations can no longer rely on traditional media to deliver their message as the competition for eyeballs is higher than ever before.

Don’t let the crowd pass you by during Expo 2020 and contact GameIN for a free consultation on VR technologies to be prepared for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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