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Hola face recognition body temperature camera with hand disinfection system

GameIN has partnered with Hola System to bring to the UAE a complete solution for organizing safe entrance to public places adhering to high health and safety standards.

The device is designed for factories, companies, public institutions and facilities with high human transmission and circulation of individual visitors such as museums, galleries, etc. It is completely safe, precise and easy to use.

Hola System (PDF)

Since the outbreak of the virus in 2020. body temperature detection has become a necessary means to identify and prevent viral infections. Handheld infrared thermometers make it a short distance between humans, slow speeds, no records to check, and require a large number of staff to specifically measure temperature. There are many defects.

The traditional infrared temperature measuring gun requires a person to operate at close range. Using the face recognition temperature measurement access control device can save manpower, reduce contact, and avoid cross infection. It can replace fingerprint attendance and reduce fingerprint infection. When employees complete temperature measurement, the records will be upload on cloud system.

The measuring device uses a temperature sensor paired with a high-resolution dual camera with a measurement error of 0.5 degrees Celsius. Face Recognition or Face Detection is also precise when the user also wears a face mask. The distance at which the temperature is measured is from 50cm to 1m.

Facial and Mask recognition

Facial & Mask Recognition

Contactless hand disinfection

Contactless Hand Disinfection


Hola system performs a complete check up in  3 easy steps:

  1. Measuring the temperature of the user as soon as the user comes in and comes into close proximity of the device.
  2. Facial recognition and mask detection of the user, promoting them to wear a mask to proceed
  3. Hand disinfection, which is performed by the user automatically by lowering the hands under the injectors that disperse the alcohol disinfectant.

The device illustrates these guidelines on the screen on by printed instructions on the device

The time the users take to complete the temperature check and the disinfection is 5 to 7 seconds. Temperature measurement time is between 1 to 3 seconds. The fully automated and contactless disinfection is between 2 to 4 seconds

Hola system provices support in English and Arabic languages with complete voice guidance and audio messages in both languages

In addition to the temperature measurement option, the device can be used with the following options:

  1.  Face detection option with and without a mask (alerts high-temperature users to put on the mask)
  2.  Entry or check-in option for workers at the entrance (this option may have the option of measuring the temperature)
  3.  Option to open the doors or other security systems (to a user with a high temperature or who has not been recognized by the camera because he is not registered in the system, will not open the door or allow the use of another system that requires verification)
  4.  Keeping it in the database (on a daily or monthly basis)
  5. An option where the temperature is exclusively measured with all other options turned off.

The device can be widely used after the epidemic/ pandemic situation as well because it is also prevention from other viral and infectious diseases. Aside from temperature measuring option, logging and user control, disinfection provides a high level of protection in microenvironments, such as factories, companies, health centers and other important locations. This creates macro protection and increases the security of the entire environment.

The warranty period is 1 years from the date of installation of the device. During this time, the Hola Systems is at your service for any technical or other questions regarding the device

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