Smart TV 43″ With Stand

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Project Description

About the Smart 43″ TV

Smart 43

High Definition Smart Display touchscreen used to provide interactivity to media content. Compatible with our PlayStation and Xbox One S consoles, and can also be connected with virtual reality equipment such as the Oculus Rift, or HTC VIVE.

Our Smart TV displays can be used with a variety of experiences such as consoles, PC games and custom VR experiences, we have multiple rental options for your events using a Virtual Reality headset (VR) or the standard 43” screen.

Our Smart TV’s can be used alone or be paired with an HTC VIVE, OCULUS RIFT or with Virtual Reality PSVR.  In addition, if you want to experience the best of Racing simulators without the VR these screens are a perfect fit.

  • Installations that used this equipment: