Xbox One S Console

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Project Description

About the Xbox One S

Xbox One console is Microsoft’s gaming console. Available for rental with or without the Kinect motion tracking system.  The Xbox One brings together the best exclusive games, the most advanced multiplayer, and entertainment experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Play games like Titanfall™ and Halo™ together with your friends. Turn your best game moments into personalized movies that you can share with friends, or broadcast your gameplay live.

Xbox One games look and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood. Watch TV or chat with friends on Skype while you play, and keep on playing while smarter matchmaking happens behind the scenes. With Xbox One, you can snap two things side-by-side on your TV, and switch from one to another instantly. Cloud-powered and built for the digital age.

Xbox One delivers an all-new gaming and entertainment experience that will transform how you play. Xbox One brings together the best games, the most reliable service and rich entertainment all-in-one system that is built for today and tomorrow.

Xbox One S technical Details:

  • CPU: 1.75GHz AMD Jaguar eight-core GPU: 1.4 T-FLOPS, 12 compute units @ 914MHz
  •  8GB DDR3 RAM + 32MB eSRAM @ 219GB/s
  • Available with Kinect Sensor
  • Installations that used this equipment: