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Racing Simulators

What is a Racing Simulator?

There is no experience quite like immersing yourself in a good racing game, but to actually take the experience to the next level, you need to get your hands on a good racing simulator seat. Simulator racing devices help the gamer enjoy a simulation game and make the race feel more real and exciting.

When choosing a racing simulator seat, you are supposed to think of how basic or complex do you want your setup to be. If you just want a good gaming chair to sit on and play some Forza using your basic controller, and you aren’t interested in anything fancier than that, a standard racing seat will do.

If you want the whole thing, you will need more than just the standard chair itself. You will also need a wheel, foot pedals, shifter, and different other racing sim accessories. In that case, you will need a racing simulator seat that comes in a complete set with a frame to mount all those accessories on.

With that to put into consideration, there are three different types of racing simulator seat set-ups, which are:

  1. Racing-style Gaming Chairs (+ Wheel Stand) are only gaming chairs like any other, but are designed after classic racing car seats. You can pair your racing chair up with a wheel stand to make it more of a real racing simulator seat if you prefer to use a wheel rather than your regular controller.
  1. Full Racing Rigs/Cockpits are a little different. A cockpit is basically a metal frame on which you can mount a seat, shifter, wheel, and other racing equipment. They allow you to create a complete set-up that resembles your car interior. Some of the cockpits come with the seat and other equipment included and connected to the frame, others require you to buy these extra bits separately. Cockpits that usually come with their own racing seats are more expensive than standard racing chairs.
  1. Motion Cockpits are racing rigs that include an element of motion. This means that the seat literally moves based on what is going on in the simulating game. It takes the whole experience to another level and makes it much more immersive and fun. It makes the game feel more real, so you will feel as if you’re in a real car. These kind of racing simulator seats are the most expensive ones.

Once you have decided what kind of racing simulator seat you would like to purchase and are ready to start shopping around, you should look out for:

  • High-quality upholstery and building materials
  • An ergonomic design
  • Stylish design
  • A high weight capacity
  • Highly adjustable (height, tilt, armrests, etc.)
  • Comfortable padding
When buying a Racing Cockpit, this is what you need to look for:
  • Included accessories/hardware (seat, shifter, wheel, pedals, etc.)
  • Multi-bar wheel support Compatibility with screen mount
  • Adjustable wheel support (height, tilt, distance)
  • Fine build quality (durable materials and strong frame)
While when buying a Motion Cockpit, this is what you need to look for:
  • Full motion including tilt, turn and movement
  • Affordability (motion cockpits can be very expensive)
  • Integrated audio surround sound
  • All the features you’d look for in a standard racing cockpit.

These are the best gaming seat racing chairs so far:

1. Playseat Revolution

It is one of the most recommended for first-time buyers and amateur racing gamers looking for a fine entry-level racing chair. The Playseat Revolution provides a very good all-around package at a good price. It’s one of the most affordable racing chairs and it also includes all the most important stuff an amateur racing gamer would need for a basic racing simulator set up, like a seat, a frame, and space to mount pedals and a wheel. The seat itself is comfortable, and has a very good weight capacity of 300 lbs. It’s also completely adjustable for height and tension to accommodate all various types of gamers.

2. Playseat Challenge

If you are looking for something quick and easy to set up, portable, and affordable, then this racing seat is the one. This chair is essentially just a piece of fabric draped over some steel tubes, instead of padded cushions and a solid frame hence, which makes it so affordable.

It might look like a fancy garden chair, but it provides everything you need for a standard racing simulator set up.

3. Playseat Sensation Pro

It is a high-end seating solution that really represents Playseat at their best. The build quality is great, with a powder-coated steel framework that is completely adjustable and super durable. This chair includes height-adjustable and a multi-bar wheel support for the wheel and pedal. It also includes a screen mount, unlike the previous two chairs, that you can mount screens up to 55” on for a more immersive display. It is very comfortable and follows a bucket seat design that supports you really well, and can also recline.

4. DXRacer PS/COMBO/200

DXRacer has a wide range of standard gaming chairs, but the PS/COMBO/200 is one of their only full racing cockpits. It includes the PS/F03 racing-style gaming seat, cockpit frame, and two shift stands. One shifter for the left cockpit, and the other for the right. A great thing about this cockpit is how fast and easy it is to assemble. It has a foldable design which makes it very easy to fold away and store it when you’re not using it. Like all DXRacer chairs, the build quality is amazing. It is also completely adjustable for both seat height and recline. You can also adjust the distance between the seat and the foot pedals using the sliding rails just like in a real car.

5. Sim Lab GT2

This cockpit doesn’t come with the actual seat itself. Meaning, that you will have to buy your own racing chair to mount on it individually, which can make it a bit more costly than other options. However, it is one of the very well designed cockpits. The manufacturers have designed this cockpit using front, which allows you to have much more knee room for comfort. It can incline upright at a 60-degree angle giving you extra comfort. It’s also been designed to have an ergonomic size with rigid and durable solid aluminum frame.

6. GTR Simulator GTA-F

It includes a reclining seat that has 4-way adjustable seating position, a steering wheel plate, a shifter mount, and a heavy-duty frame. The chair also has wheel support to mount a wheel on, but it is not adjustable unlike some previous racing seats. The GTR Simulator GTA-F is fully compatible with most of gaming console and PCs. The triple monitor TV stand is what makes this racing simulator unique and stand out from the rest of the racing simulators mentioned previously. This feature is what many other racing chairs lack, and it is one of the features that serious gamers often mostly require. The triple monitor TV stand allows you to mount 3 separate monitors at once and have one big ‘curved’ screen, that creates more of a true field of vision, like what you would get on a real racing track.

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