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Virtual Reality Dubai

Virtual Reality Dubai

 Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a three-dimensional image or a simulated environment that allows the user to interact with in a seemingly real and physical way through sight, sound and movement. VR user is immersed and is able to interact with 3D worlds, by simulating as many senses as possible, while being actually placed inside the experience unlike any other traditional interfaces.

Virtual Reality had been somehow a fantasy for technologists and game developers for a long time until recently. Even though VR development history goes all the way back to the 1930s, but it wasn’t properly introduced and evolved till 2010.

VR started with an American science fiction writer Stanley G Weinbaum, that basically described something like VR in his short story “ Pygmalion’s Spectacles“. Moving to Albert Ludwig’s “magic spectacles” that predicted the virtual world along with the headsets and 360 videos and games. There have been years of experimentation around Virtual Reality, starting from the first head-mounted VR system in the late 1960s that was used for military training to the first commercial products in the 1980s. Not until the early 1990s, VR headsets began finding their way into a few arcade games for simulations. Nintendo and Sega were the first gaming companies who tried to introduce VR headsets and Virtual Reality games, but due to the great cost of the headset and the very uncomfortable use of the console along with poor gaming quality, the project was not a success.

The current age of VR began in 2010, with an American teenager  Palmer Luckey  creating one of the first prototype of a VR headset that would later evolve into the Oculus Rift. Palmer launched a Kickstarter campaign that helped reintroduce VR to the tech industry and later was bought by Facebook, who officially acquired the Oculus VR system, that showed that Virtual Reality was becoming huge in the developers’ and gaming world.

Later in 2015, Oculus began to take on other companies such as Surreal Vision and form partnerships with Samsung to develop the Samsung gear VR. Being one of the leading companies in VR development, Oculus has complete functioning VR systems for users to buy and use at home. Having the full support for a wide range of applications and more applications being developed for particular use with their VR systems, this was a big step forward for VR.

After creating international buzz with the demand after the Facebook deal, a lot of developers were motivated into creating their own VR development companies. Oculus in a way was responsible for the rebirth of VR that led to creating immersive and simulated experiences for users. Previously developed Virtual Reality headsets were very technical and difficult to access for the average computer user, but with plug-and-play compatibility and a wide range of supported apps, Oculus was able to give the average user hope that they would enjoy VR again.

In 2016, development and gaming companies all over the world began building their own VR headsets and producing amazing new technology. With so many new VR devices being released, we are seeing huge developments when it comes to VR applications, 360° cameras, affordable headsets and much more. There are a lot of products that are being released to compete with Oculus based off its demand, in addition to generic products for use with smart phones. Many competitors have emerged to compete with Oculus, from Sony’s  PlayStation  VR and the HTC Vive, to smartphone headsets like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard. Also, hundreds of developers are creating VR games and applications, while film-makers are looking into the potential for documentaries and animation.

Dubai is a world of its own, and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is becoming bigger and more technologically advanced each year. Virtual Reality Companies in Dubai are known for their exceptional services and can help you in creating an interactive experience which could let you deliver targeted messages to any audience. The best Virtual Reality companies in Dubai, such as GameIN, have expertise not only in Virtual Reality, but also in Projection Technology, Holograms, App Software and Augmented Reality.

GameIN is a UAE Virtual Reality company based in Dubai, that can help in promoting your business and acquiring more customers by using the latest technologies and best VR devices currently available in the market. GameIN is a specialized provider of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, gaming services, while having the best equipment for corporate events, parties, trade shows, advertising and much more.

Virtual Reality has been a great success in Dubai. This new technology is blooming and is becoming more popular every day. With VR’s great advantages and wide range of possibilities to improve different sectors, investors and big companies are showing great interest in it. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are currently being used in different sectors in Dubai. VR and 360 videos are becoming more popular in real estate. Real estate companies are using VR to showcase the client the realistic quality 3D model before construction starts via a 3D walk-through or virtual tours in the virtual environment. VR in Dubai is also being used for training purposes. It gives effective and low cost training solutions while helping a trainee grasp concepts more quickly and have world-class experience.

VR is also being used in the medical sector like for performing high-tech operations, giving children vaccinations and drawing blood. With many creative VR apps, VR can help in minimizing fear and anxiety during vaccination and blood draw in kids, teenagers and even adults. Vaccination VR apps are costume designed animated 360° environments that use soothing sounds, music and narrative tracks. They are usually used for single dose vaccines and young children ranging between 4-7 years old. Virtual Reality is also becoming popular in Education. Few schools in Dubai, such as GEMS Modern Academy have adopted VR devices and apps in their education system. Dubai educational systems are slowly ushering education towards the immersive experience. VR is playing a vital role in improving the level of education, and it is evolving to fulfill all educational needs.

GameIN is one of the first VR companies that were established in Dubai. GameIN is offering best Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions in business, training, real estate, tourism, education, entertainment and even in medical sector.

With costume made apps, software development, and the best equipment and most diverse in the market, GameIN will give you and your costumers a wow experience that you will never forget.

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