Virtual Reality Games To Play During COVID-19 Lockdown in UAE Admin September 11, 2023

Virtual Reality Games To Play During COVID-19 Lockdown in UAE

 With the current  Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak , we are all trying to adjust to a new way of life. For a lot of parents and guardians, this means learning to work from home while all together keeping their families safe, happy, and well under quarantine. In this blog, you will get to know about Virtual Reality games to play in lockdown.

Positively, the quarantine has let most families all around the world spend some additional quality time together, possibly the most they’ve ever had.

With all of this family closeness going down, it comes as no surprise that parents are searching for various ways to keep their families involved and entertained from within the home.

For families who have almost exhausted every option of Uno, Risk, Monopoly, and Simon, VR is a wonderful way to transform family together time while being under lockdown in UAE.

With the Coronavirus crisis leading to the closure of gyms all across UAE, many have been forced to exercise at home.

Online videos are a helpful tool for those training in-doors, but VR can also offer a fun and effective workout. Actually, there are already several  success stories  from people who have taken advantage of Virtual Reality to achieve their fitness goals.

Here is a good selection of VR experiences for everyone to enjoy. These games are perfect for keeping grandparents, parents, and also kids entertained with arcade-like VR experiences, different multiplayer party games, and adrenaline-powered fitness application suitable for most age groups.

For those of you who miss going to arcades, cheer!  Fruit Ninja ,  Sports Scramble ,  Bait!  and  Baby Hands  will make families play games and sports they know and love in wacky new ways, with no tokens or sports gear needed.

1. Fruit Ninja

A modern Virtual Reality adopts the original mobile classic, Fruit Ninja VR takes the fruit-slashing craziness to a whole different level. Players are able to transform their ninja world by playing in four different modes:. Classic, Arcade, Zen, and the new-found “Survival” mode, in which the player has to survive an onslaught of fresh produce being tossed directly at them.

2. Sports Scramble

Sports Scramble brings your favorite sports and mixes them together to make a series of hybrid sports experiences. You can play a  tennis match  with a golf club, or bowl a strike with a baseball, or even hit a grand slam with a hockey stick. Each of these three major sports: Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball holds its own single-player training, challenge modes, and quickplay. Enjoy playing with your family at home or go against other players online.

3. Bait!

From the  ingenious mind of Tommy Palm , the mastermind behind famous  Candy Crush , Bait! has you catching extraordinary fish in an attempt to save the striving aquarium where you work. The game play is exploratory and calming, a perfect combination for those new to VR gaming. Players can catch a range of fish and meet a number of locals across four unique lakes each with their own rare territory and challenges

4. Baby Hands

Baby Hands is a funny family friendly Virtual Reality baby simulator packed with multiple mini-games to play, accomplishments to unlock, puzzles to solve, and fun Easter eggs to discover. Experience the world through the eyes, ears, and chubby little hands of one naughty little baby. Enjoy crawling your way through a retro sandbox experience loaded with imagination and excitement.

5. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

For more than 10 years, Angry Birds has thrilled audiences with all kind of family friendly content, with games, toys, and even TV. Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs  brings the classic Angry Birds experience to Virtual Reality, placing players straight behind the slingshot for the first time. There is even a level builder, letting players create their own challenges and share them with other players. Explore the faraway island where the greedy green pigs have their vacation in 75+ levels loaded with fun and excitement. Hard boss pigs, balloons, boulders, and fans make each level a tricky puzzle in its own way

VR Multiplayer Madness

When play dates and family visits aren’t an option anymore, multiplayer games and social experiences could be a fun way for families to play together and be entertained. If you have a steady internet connection, you can challenge friends or other players online.

1. Acron: The Attack of The Squirrels!

It is an  uneven cross-platform Virtual Reality party game  in which one user plays the role of an ancient tree with a task to protect the craved golden acorns from a team of two to eight great powered squirrels controlled via iOS and Android devices, to become rebel squirrels plotting to steal the golden acorns using a collection of exceptional super powers. The best part of  Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!  is that the whole family could play together with a single VR headset. Players could also play in the same room together or with other players remotely.

2: Under Pressure

Don’t let the bizarre name trick you, this four player couch co-op game offers a shockingly robust asymmetrical Virtual Reality experience. Here is how this game works: one player in VR guides a piggy submarine all the way through dangerous waters by destroying any obstacles blocking its way while all together collecting any treasure they might come across. In the meantime, three players on controllers have to keep the ship and its systems operational by redistributing resources and repairing any damage experienced on the journey.

3. Puppet Fever

The Puppet Fever is a social Virtual Reality party game where the players take turns acting out secret words while being able to use puppets in a virtual puppet theater. It is a mixture of Pictionary, Charades, and puppeteering where voice acting is not only needed, but is in fact essential part of this game.

VR Family Fitness Gaming

The gyms might be closed all over UAE, but Virtual Reality is open 24/7. Fitness games like  Beat Saber ,  Racket: Nx , and  BoxVR  are promised to get your family up and moving during this lockdown. Enjoy a VR game and stay fit!

1. Beat Saber

Many players consider this game to be the ultimate Virtual Reality rhythm game. Players need to slash their way through waves of colored blocks to the beat of a pounding electronic soundtrack. The Jedi-like training experience is loaded with lots of amazing tracks  and styles to mix up your session, such as 360 and 90-degree levels.

2. Racket: Nx

This game is best defined as racquetball meets Breakout inside a massive pinball machine. Racket: Nx is a fabulous way to keep your body active while being under lockdown. Set inside a gigantic dome-like structure, players have to use their futuristic racket to crush a series of colorful targets before they run out of energy. You could play against your friends and also compete against strangers in an online team.

3. BoxVR

This Virtual Reality game is an award-winning fitness game choreographed by professional fitness instructors in the real world. BoxVR is about boxing-style workouts where you jab, uppercut, and weight in time to pumping music. You could also upload your favorite music for a more personalized and enjoyable workout routine.

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