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Virtual Reality UAE

Virtual Reality UAE

Virtual Reality in UAE is becoming increasingly popular technology, and it is getting better and better. VR development and gaming companies are consistently growing and competing across UAE, that is leading to an amazing evolution of Virtual Reality world invading all possible sectors.

VR is a new technology that is being rapidly introduced not only to UAE, but globally and is finding a great response and continues demand that is changing the current market.

Virtual Reality is starting to shape our future in many more ways than only gaming. Great industries in UAE are adopting this technology more and more every day and are finding great results that are impacting their future in a positive way.

VR is a computer-generated environment that allows the user to explore and interact within the virtual world using a headset and sometimes hand controllers depending on the kind of Virtual Reality device that is being used.  There are various VR headsets currently in the UAE market, gamers can choose what VR headset they desire depending on the budget, their space ,and the quality of the VR experience they want to have. These are some of famous Virtual Reality headsets:

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift S, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, The Valve Index, Nintendo Labo VR Kit, and many more.

VR headsets are becoming more available and affordable in UAE every year, due to all these new VR companies emerging and competing in the market. Prices are dropping and gamers are finding VR headsets and games more accessible with better quality and bigger variety to choose from.

UAE is being very enthusiastic about Virtual Reality and has welcomed it with arms wide open. This promising new technology is blooming, as it is becoming popular more and more every day.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Realty are invading all kind of different industries in UAE. As industries start to figure out how to implement this new technology in the user experience, more and more Tech companies are being established across UAE. Most popular 8 industries are pioneering ways to integrate VR and AR technology while offering clients more opportunities to explore their products and services.

  1. Real Estate

Looking for a new home or apartment can take a lot of time, between endlessly checking listing updates to visiting every open house on the market. It is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Real estate companies are using Virtual Reality solutions to offer potential buyers the chance to walk through a property and view every room, without actually leaving their own homes. With 360 video tour, Real Estate companies can showcase a realistic 3D model before construction starts with a virtual tour. Real estate companies in UAE, such as, have already started adopting this technology and is showing promising results.

  1. Entertainment

Virtual Reality is great for amusement. In recent years, VR has become noticeable at international exhibitions, Amusement Parks, Corporate events and team building, sports events, birthday parties, advertising with video games and even personal. GameIN has been providing these services since 2017 across UAE. GameIN has industry knowledge and great experience in providing gaming and VR solutions for events and organizations while using the latest VR headsets, gaming consoles, racing car seats, 360 cameras, high spec VR ready laptops and PCs costume made VR apps.

  1. Fashion

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology is bringing a new face to the fashion industry. It has already become a part of it and growing at a great speed. The idea of being able to test clothes and match outfits without having to try them on is astonishing. With AR apps being developed for fashion, customers can virtually wear earrings and necklaces through their app and choose a product according to whichever looks best. GameIN has been providing AR and VR apps to fashion shows and brand activations and product launches for over 3 years now. Big companies such as Lacoste and Bvlgari, have worked with GameIN to launch their brand-new products using VR costume made app and latest VR headsets which was great success.

  1. Training

Virtual Reality training helps anyone who is new to any kind of a process grasps concepts faster and have a world-class experience. VR training also creates challenging virtual environments without causing real danger to employees. The teams and the employees can be trained on new products for positive results and services. VR training is also perfect for a wide range of corporate training situations to put ideas into actions. Virtual Reality training can be used in any kind of industry such as : Automotive Industry, Energy and Petroleum Industry, Logistics Industry, Medical Industry, Production & Manufacturing Industry, Sports Industry and many more. GameIN provides best quality VR training for all kind of industries across UAE.

  1. Healthcare

Virtual Reality can have a significant impact on healthcare industry. Some healthcare professionals in UAE are using Virtual Reality for vaccination and blood draw to reduce Anxiety in patients. Those VR apps have peaceful environments, narrative tracks and soothing sounds, that help a patient relax and feel less anxious. Some VR apps can help reduce pain in patients, like childbirth, burn injuries or physiotherapy. Unfortunately, these practices are still not being implemented in UAE healthcare industry. VR use of technology in UAE looks promising, especially after the announcement made by The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), that plans to introduce VR rehabilitation in physiotherapy for stroke patients, balance disorder and kids with development disorders.

  1. Education

Virtual Reality is also becoming very popular in Education. Few schools in UAE, such as GEMS Modern Academy and Jumeirah English Speaking school have adopted VR devices and apps in their education system. UAE educational systems are slowly taking education towards the immersive experience. Virtual Reality is playing a vital role in improving the level of education and enhancing teaching methods along with teaching strategies. From VR for classroom collaboration to 3D model building and Laboratory demonstration, it is becoming the future of UAE education.

  1. Fitness

Virtual Reality is creating fitness solutions that take the boredom out of getting fit and healthy. VR sport equipment and apps motivate the user to workout while creating an exciting virtual environment that makes every exercise fun! There are few existing VR gyms across UAE, that can provide you with an interesting and exciting workout through different VR equipment such as, ultra-immersive cycling class taking the user on a high-intensity journey through digitally-created worlds. Black Box VR is also another way to sweat while being entertained by Virtual Reality simulated 3D world. Black Box VR is a Virtual Reality gym that lets a user step into a Black Box VR boutique gym and immerse yourself in a whole new way to get fit.

  1. Automotive

Automobile makers are introducing VR experiences that intend to give shoppers a real sense of a car’s interior and create a virtual experience to encourage them to visit a dealership and even test drive new released cars using car simulators and costumed made driving Apps.  Automobile like Galadari, is currently offering a new dimension to its clients, as they can virtually walk around the Mazda flagship facility and interact. They can click on the cars displayed in the showroom and get 360-degree view of the interior in HD format and get the specifications of each car.

If you are a brand from the aforementioned industries and are looking forward to exploring new technologies for training or virtual tours or e-commerce, then kindly get in touch with our team at or reach out to us at Contact us

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