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Virtual Reality Gaming

What is Virtual Reality Gaming?

What is Virutal Reality gaming? 

Virtual Reality gaming or VR gaming is a new generation of computer gaming that gives players first-person perspective of gaming world.

VR gaming devices and accessories, includes VR headsets, sensor-equipped gloves, controllers, peripheralls or sometimese fully sensed Suits. These accessories and add -ons indulge gamers into the gaming environment.

Gamers can experience best VR gaming views or actions via standalone systems, specialized gaming consoles. Advanced laptops and PCs that can power the leading VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive can fill the gamers with super thrill of VR gaming world.

History of VR gaming

VR has a long history which includes a gradual up-gradation of today’s VR gaming headsets and gloves. This has all started in the 1800s with the invention of the stereoscope. Initially, all the gadgets were used to train pilots, army or in medical development.

It was in the 1900s when Virtual reality technology hit the gaming industry with the launch of headsets. The boom in the VR game industry came in the 2010s when Oculus Rift and HTC Vive along with Sony PSVR launched the second generation commercial tethered headsets.

VR Gaming Accessories:

The thrill of experiencing visuals from the first-person perspective become possible with VR gaming accessories or peripherals. It gives each player the ability to manipulate and feel the elements of virtual reality.

Experiencing everything as real, VR gamers often feel that they are inside the games and directly in action with their counterpart. It is here when the character’s eyes and gamers’ eyes work as one.

All this unique perception and high simulation are primarily achieved by using VR headsets or goggles that are part of every VR game.

For more fun and thrill players can use add-on devices that can easily translate physical movement into on-screen motion.

Some of the VR game accessories, peripherals are as below;

VR Gaming Headsets & Goggles:

A head-mounted device that provides VR experience to the wearer. It is based on the technology of stereoscopes providing separate images for each eye/360-degree view, stereo sound, hand- motion tracking and eye-sensors. It can range from high-end, motion-control VR headsets that capture and transmit your full head and eye movements, to more simple VR goggles that merely display the simulated 3D game environment.


Unlimited Hand

The Unlimited Hand, a prime band works on the technology of  haptic response and can both sense and effect your actions while you are playing a VR game. It can easily work with the Oculus as well as HTC Vive through Bluetooth. It learns and easily adapts with your hand movement and makes your digital, the in-game form does the same action.

VR Backpacks

A portable PC, now experience VR games anywhere and anytime you want. Alienware, MSI, HP and Zotac have designed portable backpacks which are used to carry a powerful computer to enjoy virtual reality.


VirZoom is a bike which provides the VR experience, and commonly known as VR bike. This peripheral features the wireless sensors which are integrated into the pedals of the bike so it lets you feel the speed of your pedalling in the game.


HTC Vive

HTC Vive, king of all the controllers. The innovative and intuitive design of HTC Vive has set the benchmark in the VR game world. HTC Vive has several buttons that allow varied interactions and one can use it as hands, weapons or other objects. Even after being versatile controllers it still requires non-native motions that are similar to traditional gaming interactions or mimicking real-life gestures.

Oculus Touch

Till the Manus VR gloves take us to the future VR gaming. Heard about Oculus Rift? if Yes, then you might have heard of Oculus Touch. Controllers of Oculus Touch complete the VR headset, like a missing piece from a puzzle. Unlike other VR hand gloves or gamepad we generally use, they are tiny half-moon controllers which you stick in your hands and have very haptic feedback, thumbstick, sensors, a trigger and four buttons.

Manus VR

With the rapid upgrade in the industry of VR Games, every year the market is flushed with the upgraded or new type of peripherals and VR accessories. Manus VR glove is one of them. VR peripheral creators used some rudimentary haptic feedback in the glove to add to the feeling of natural interaction with virtual objects. It is the future of the VR gaming industry.

Positional Tracking Sensor:

Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a positional tracking sensor device used in a VR game. Paired with Orion software the device provides accurate tracking of hands in real-time without using VR gloves or Manus.

It is interesting to know that leap motion works on optical sensor tracking not like hand and body-mounted sensors which work on physical sensors.

3D Rudder

It is a foot-powered motion controller (footpad) that allows gamers to do all movements like vertical, horizontal and turning while using feet.


Simulated Devices:


PS VR Aim is a motion controller which is used to play shooting games. It is a Sony approved peripheral and designed by San Francisco’s studio called Impulse Gear.

A report on VR games revenue, presented by Statista Research Department, March 8, 2016.

The graph represents the data of revenue collected by the VR gaming industry from 2015 to 2020.

With the market size of 3.6 billion USD worth in 2016, this number is expected to grow up to 22.9 billion USD by the end of 2020. The biggest market of VR gaming is Europe and North America. Where Europe estimated worth is 1.9 billion USD in 2016 and the North American market growth estimated at 1.5 billion USD in the same year.

Most popular games among the VR gaming world are adventure, action and simulation. More than 50% of gamers said that they were interested in such VR games.

Future of VR Gaming:

We have seen exponential growth in the VR gaming industry. VR games now can be played over Mobile phones. It is evolving day-by-day. Creators are giving a better version of every previous device. It is a new-old-new relation of VR game devices, consoles. As science is evolving so are these technologies. Those days are not far when our science fiction technology comes into existence.

Axon, a Seattle-based company is working on such technology. It has recently revealed a piece of hardware that seems to have come directly from the science -fiction movie. This VR gaming accessory is a set of a full-body haptic suit and an exoskeleton walking platform. Axon VR is the first company to launch an all-in-one suit which can sense hot and cold sensation and can walk freely through the virtual world.

How much does this hi-tech suit will cost to your pocket? Right now keep it safe in your pocket as this suit is still in the R&D phase.

Who will become the King of VR gaming in the coming future?

Speaking of VR Gaming future is hard to put your finger on any company. With the ever growing technology any of these companies will lead the market of VR gaming (Sony, Microsoft, Facebook’s Oculus, Nintendo and more.)

With its first launch Sony was leading the market of  VR gaming with its PS4 VR. They ranked 1st with the shipment of 4.7 million PSVR worldwide in the first quarter of 2019

Following Sony PSVR, Facebook’s Oculus is in 2nd rank with the shipment of around 1.5 million shipments.

HTC vive took the 3rd place in the list with the shipment of 1.3 million, followed by Oculus Go (0.7 million), and Oculus Quest (0.4 million)

These figures and numbers may go up and down in coming years but one thing is clear the hardware and software of VR gaming will grow double in coming years.

If you are a brand or a startup that is looking for a custom VR game then you can get in touch with us to learn more about how we will help you in developing amazing and engaging VR games.

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