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Virtual Reality Rentals

Virtual Reality Rentals

 Virtual reality equipment is expensive, requires know-how for setup and installation, and the various brands and platforms offering games, simulations and software for various VR headsets cause confusion among the customers looking to purchase new devices. As companies standardize their equipment and platforms for VR, this is becoming less of a headache, but for now, the best option for any person or company trying to get into Virtual Reality is to hire professional installers for a permanent setup, like GameIN – VR rentals in Dubai.

Virtual Reality rentals have been the easiest option for companies and organizations looking to introduce VR into their workspace or for their clients. Purchasing your own VR equipment, keeping it updated, and knowing what peripherals and accessories to have on hand is a cumbersome experience.  In addition, new VR headsets are being released every year and the VR equipment you buy today can become outdated in a short period of time.

If you’re looking to rent Virtual Reality equipment to help your team be more productive or help your clients discover your products and services, but you don’t want to deal with purchasing equipment and the technical side of managing and upkeep, consider hiring GameIN to help you out on this endeavour.

We carry a large selection of the newest VR headsets and equipment and accessories suitable for long term installations or short-term rentals for events and exhibitions. Some of the Virtual Reality rentals we currently offer:

Oculus Go:

Oculus Go headsets are standalone VR headsets with medium grade visuals and a great battery life. Oculus Go comes with one controller with limited tracking which makes the headset great for simpler VR experiences.

Consider renting Oculus Go for displaying 360 Movies, Virtual Tours, or simpler games. The headset is medium grade, but is one of the only standalone, wireless headsets and it lends itself to installations were you wish to capture attention quickly and not have to deal with complicated setup or an attached PC.

 Oculus Quest:

The Oculus Quest is the newest addition from Oculus, a Facebook company. Oculus Quest is also a standalone headset, but it offers two controllers for both your hands with inside-out tracking (The headset has cameras that track the controllers in 3D space). In addition, the Oculus Quest can be connected to a computer via Oculus Link and works with titles from the Oculus Store or PC based VR titles.

Oculus Quest is perfect for rentals when you need a stand-alone VR headset but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the experience being offered. It’s perfect for Cinematic 360 movies and more advanced Games that offer full range of motion in addition with an upcoming update, the Oculus Quest will allow hand tracking so you won’t even need a controller to interact with the VR game or simulation.

Oculus Rift & Oculus Rift S:

The Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S are PC based Virtual Reality headsets from Oculus. The “S” is an updated model with higher specifications. The Oculus Rift platform offers interaction and visual fidelity at the highest quality with high resolution, high refresh rate headsets and full motion controllers. These headsets have to connect to a high end PC or laptop to work. So while they offer the best quality from an Oculus headset they are connected to a computer through a wire.

The Oculus Rift is a good choice for rentals for long term installations, as they will require an operator to setup the programs being run and help the user wear the headset. They are also suitable for custom developed games or simulations that need to be run on a computer. So, if you are looking for a custom experience these headsets are a great option.


The HTC VIVE is another PC based virtual reality headset from HTC. The VIVE offers outstanding visual features and controller tracking. It is also the VR platform with the most accessories and attachments as you can add various controllers to the VIVE or connect to the computer through a wireless adapter.

The VIVE allows for a custom experience on both the hardware and software sides. Consider renting the HTC VIVE for long-term installations that require the exact specifications that you need or if you have a variety of users that have different needs to be able to use a VR headset.



PlayStation VR:

For a different experience, PlayStation VR is the only gaming console based Virtual Reality platform available in the market today. PSVR offers gaming titles and VR experiences that are exclusive to PlayStation platform. It also offers various controllers and the availability of motion tracking through PS Camera. So the VR experience can be enjoyed in various ways.

PlayStation VR is perfect for rental for parties and events that require PlayStation exclusive titles. It is also a great option if you want to do body and hand tracking or if you are looking for easy setup.

Racing & Flight Simulators:

Racing and Flight simulators are technically accessories for all of these VR platforms, but they offer such a different experience that puts them into their own category.

With racing simulators the user can experience what it is to drive, or race any type of vehicle. These simulators are used for games and entertainment or can be used for simulations for driving schools and such.

Flight simulators offer controls similar to a real plane and offer the user a variety of flight simulator software’s that have varying degrees of realism. Therefore flight simulators can be used for games and entertainment or for real-time simulators for the training of pilots or flight enthusiasts.

If you require simulator for your event, consider GameIN. As we carry a collection of racing and flight simulators that are compatible with all Virtual Reality platforms, and we can customize your simulator to offer the best experience for your audience.

With various Virtual Reality rental options available in the market, you can contact a GameIN representative to assist you in choosing the right one. We have a wealth of knowledge in this field and have worked with many organizations in helping them deliver their message in Virtual Reality.

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